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Inquiries and Consultations

When I receive an initial inquiry about availability, I respond to let potential clients know if I have immediate openings or to provide waiting list information. I also answer any other questions as best I can to help potential clients decide if they want to move forward with pursuing services.

Current demand for mental health services is high, so I am often operating with a waiting list. However, I have been able to add most clients within one to two months. There is no commitment required to be on the waiting list.

When I have an opening for a new client, I move forward with scheduling a free consultation.

I provide consultations to all potential clients. This allows potential clients to get a sense of my style as a counselor, the virtual counseling setting, and to assess potential fit for services.

Consultations are intentionally casual and last anywhere from 10-15 minutes. Potential clients get an opportunity to briefly share reasons for considering counseling services and any specific preferences, and I can respond accordingly with information and reflection. While I prefer to hold consultations via video, phone is also an option. 

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Contact Me

If you are comfortable with the disclosure noted below, email is the most efficient way to reach and receive an initial response for general inquiries. Phone calls are usually received while I am in session with clients or not in a confidential location, and often result in delayed communication. However, the choice of format to contact me is up to you and I respect whichever format you choose.

A note about text, email, and confidentiality:

text and email are not secure means of communication and I cannot guarantee your confidentiality.

Please do not include confidential information about yourself or your situation.

Thank you! Sara will contact you, typically within a few business days.

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